Installation detail of Le Quintuor des Nègres, encore, 2014, courtesy Carla Zaccagnini; Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, photo: Anders Sune Berg

Carla Zaccagnini


Born 1973, lives and works in Malmö, SE, and São Paulo, BR


Le Quintuor des Nègres, encore, 2014

Carla Zaccagnini in collaboration with Theodor Köhler, Ayara Hernández Holz & Felix Marchand

Various editions of


Paul und Virginie (c. 1882)

Paul and Virginia (c. 1882)

Paul et Virginie (1892)

Pablo y Virginia (1894)

Paulo e Virginia (1898)

Paul en Virginia (c. 1900)


Carbon copy of Johann Nepomuk Hummel’s Op. 41 Quintuor des Nègres (1809), „Collection Complete des oeuvres de Johann Nepomuk Hummel“, Farrenc: Paris, 1825

Audio record of the instrumentalization of Quintuor des Nègres, written by Theodor Köhler, played on period instruments by the Aulos-Streichquartett Berlin

Audio record of dance performance choreographed by Ayara Hernández Holz & Felix Marchand, performed by Felix Marchand at Haus am Waldsee, Berlin

Courtesy Carla Zaccagnini; Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo



10th Berlin Biennale