Installation detail of Relieving Context, 2014, courtesy Mariam Suhail; GALLERYSKE, photo: Anders Sune Berg

Mariam Suhail


Born 1979, lives and works in Bangalore, IN


From the project Brooding Protagonist, 2013:


Brooding Section

Inkjet print on archival paper

150 x 75 cm


Characters and Stills

Consisting of

Shekhar in Mili, 1975;

Dr. Ahmer in Dhoop Kinaray (At the Edge of Sunshine), 1987;

Neela in Safar (Journey), 1970;

Avinash in Safar (Journey), 1970;

Anand in Anand, 1971;

Taimur Saheb in Ankahi (The Unsaid), 1982;

Zara in Tanhaiyan (Solitudes), 1985;

Avinash in Safar (Journey), 1970


8 drawings, permanent marker on paper

32,5 x 515 cm


From the project Relieving Context, 2014:


Relieving Context

Prints, drawings, mixed media on paper

Various sizes


View In Order Of Context

Books, mixed media on paper

Various sizes


Open Plan (1)

Inkjet prints on paper

Each 61 x 91 cm


And What Was The Angle Of That Tiled, Orange Roof?

1 text, 3 drawings, mixed media on paper

A4 sized text: 22 x 27,9 cm, drawings: 66 x 96,5 cm; 66 x 66 cm;

66 x 35,5 cm


Open Plan (2)

Inkjet prints on paper

Each 61 x 91 cm


All works Courtesy Mariam Suhail; GALLERYSKE



10th Berlin Biennale