18.05.2010 | Arsenal Cinema, Potsdamer Strasse 2, D-10785 Berlin


Sunday, May 18, 2008 / 6 pm

Arsenal Cinema, Potsdamer Strasse 2, D-10785 Berlin-Tiergarten, U2, S1/S2/S25 Potsdamer Platz


This film program including American experimental works curated by filmmaker Babette Mangolte highlights the importance of the monologue voice and the influence of beat poets and jazz improvisation, which dominated the confluence of art, poetry, and performance that defined the period from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. · Jack Kerouac in Pull My Daisy (Robert Frank & Alfred Leslie, 1959, 29 min) · William S. Burroughs in a reading of his work from the late 1950s (5 min) · Jack Smith in Blonde Cobra (Bob Fleischner and Ken Jacobs, 1959, with a monologue by Jack Smith, recorded and edited by Ken Jacobs in 1963, 33 min) · Stan Brakhage in Prelude: Dog Star Man (1961, 25 min) · Robert Morris in Arizona his 1963 performance reenacted and filmed in 1993 by Babette Mangolte (from Four Pieces by Morris, 18 min). Babette Mangolte, born in Montmorot (FR), lives and works in New York (US) since 1971. Her new video installation is on view at KW Institute for Contemporary Art as part of the 5th berlin biennial.

Here you can download the transcriptions of the films Pull My Daisy, Blonde Cobra and Arizona as PDF files. 
Pull My Daisy  Blonde Cobra  Arizona

Here you can download more texts for this event as PDF files: 
Program of the night 
Babette Mangolte on monologues 
Abstracts of the films Blonde Cobra and Prelude: Dog Star Man, taken from the Film-Makers' Cooperative catalog


10th Berlin Biennale