Wake Berlin

Maria Thereza Alves, Wake: Berlin, 2000, courtesy Maria Thereza Alves

02.08.2014 | 7pm, Crash Pad c/o KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Wake: Berlin

Maria Thereza Alves

Lecture, with an introduction by Catalina Lozano, in English


Artist Maria Thereza Alves will discuss her project Wake: Berlin (2000) in which, through the germination of seeds found in construction sites of Berlin, a series of overlooked histories of the city surfaced. This methodology has been used by Alves in different contexts to reveal how botany can become politicized when looked from the perspective of movement and displacement of seeds, which although seemingly dead, can germinate after hundreds of years of dormancy.


Crash Pad c/o KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin

Free entrance, limited capacity



10th Berlin Biennale